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Do you need expert help applying the advice in The Baby Decision to your unique situation?
Building on your own ideas and intuition, Merle Bombardieri, with 35 years of experience coaching couples on the baby decision, can answer questions like these:

“I want a shortcut. Which exercises and suggested readings are best for me/us?”
“Can you invent some exercises that are tailor-made for our/my decision?”
“Help! I want a child but my partner doesn’t.”
“I want a child, but my own childhood was awful. Can I be a good parent?”
“I know which way I’m leaning, but how do I turn that into a trustworthy decision?”
“How do we break the news to our parents that we decided to be childfree?”

Contact Merle to set up a remote appointment by phone or video-conferencing, or a face-to-face meeting in Lexington, MA.
A consultation session with Merle will provide you with a clear path to the right decision for you.

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