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I am Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW, a clinical social worker, long-time meditator, coach, and hypnotherapist. My goal is for you to enjoy life more and stress less when you have learned new healing and/or problem-solving techniques. Using my clinical experience, you’ll find concise, lively, posts that may deepen your insight on psychology, health, meditation, parenting, and more in my newsletter.

I’m writing it because…

1. I take pleasure in spreading the word about my new book, the revised, 2nd edition of The Baby Decision: How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life. The Baby Decision is based on thirty-five years of my experience as a psychotherapist, and will give decision makers all of the tools they need to make a conscious choice on parenting or childfree living.

2. I couldn’t fit everything into the book. There are so many aspects of having a child or embracing a childfree life, that I want to share important ideas that build on ideas in the book and give you a richer, fuller range of ideas and possibilities for parenting or living childfree. For instance, in the next issue, you will read about the conflict between our desire to procreate and the endangered earth’s need for fewer people. Look for “Can You Give Birth and Save the Earth?”

3. I want to talk to you about ideas unrelated to parenting. Working on The Baby Decision and on a novel, these last few years, I have not had the time to write shorter pieces about other exciting ideas. Soon to come: a review of a book that challenges our usual approach to decision-making titled Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing, and a piece on why meditation is such a hit with millennials.

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I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on my website, or your thoughts on Twitter @thebabydecision. And please share this with friends or family who may be interested.

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