Come to Harvard Square to join Merle and an informal, supportive group of twelve other ambivalent decision-makers. Enjoy brainstorming and humor as well as intriguing exercises and step-by-step guidelines. Everyone is welcome, and both choices are fully accepted.

Click here for upcoming workshop date May 7th and September 10th, 2017.

Read a further interview with Merle Bombardieri on the CCAE web site here.

Praise for the workshop:

My husband and I attended your Baby Decision Class a few years ago and I just wanted you to know how valuable it has been for us.We ended up deciding to pursue parenthood, and we now have an adorable 18-month old for whom we are so thankful. The class was really helpful in coming to this decision and many others. I have shared what I learned with many friends and colleagues.

— D.M., Arlington, MA

The workshop was the best four hours I have spent in my entire adult life. I can’t say enough good things about working with you at that difficult, decision-making crossroads. Before attending, we were swirling in endless lists of pros and cons. On Monday, it would seem that having a child would be inevitable, but then I’d wake up panicked. The workshop led to a confident decision to remain childfree. I’m still very happy about our decision not to have children, and three years later, I feel even more certain than ever. I have even become an advocate for others making this decision, sharing Merle’s ideas.

— K.W., Washington D.C.

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